Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thank you New Jersey and your massive deficits

Gas is expensive. In Long Island, I see it hovering about $4.28, with daily increases (never mind the fact the price of crude is down, but that’s another story). NJ legislators continue to debate increasing the tax as a way to provide additional funding, but the measure has yet to pass.

So what’s a person who commutes all the way to the Garden State to do? Get gas on the NJ turnpike of course, where it averages .40 cents cheaper per gallon. Due to a series of laws and lax taxes, this is the best deal on gas in the tri state area, and possibly the nation. Here’s some interesting facts about NJ and why their gas prices are among the lowest in the nation.

  • Turnpike gas stations can only change their prices, (up or down) once a week on a Friday. So fill up Thursday, in the morning to avoid the lines.

  • Gas is so cheap in Jersey for a few reasons. Mostly because of the lack of taxes associated with Gas. New Yorkers pay about 25 cents on the gallon plus 4%, whereas NJ residents get off with about 10 cents. These figures are adjusted annually.

  • Everything is full serve - Since the law was passed in 1949, it’s illegal to pump your own gas because, according to the law, such a flammable, dangerous liquid should only be distributed by trained personnel.  Only NJ or Oregon has this law. And the town of Huntington in Long Island, which I still have yet to figure out why.

  • Off the turnpike, it is illegal in NJ for a gas station to raise prices more than once a day.

  • There are only Sunoco’s on the NJ turnpike, so don’t hold out till you see somewhere to fill up using your Exxon fleet card.

  •  The cost of gas at a turnpike service station cannot be more than 3 cents above that average price in a local area. This is regulated by the Turnpike authority.

  • The hoses really are long enough to fit to the other side of your car, assuming you don’t have a huge SUV. So skip the long line.

[caption id="attachment_362" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="sign at the Vince Lombardi service area on I-95 / NJ Turnpike"][/caption]

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