Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanks for getting wedged under a bridge, metro NY appreciates it.

I want to thank the trucker that decided to wedge himself under the bridge @Jerome Ave last night that had me sitting on the CBX for 90 minutes at a dead stop. This incident also fouled traffic throughout the metro area.

But seriously, whats up with traffic this year? It used to be this week was very quiet, with no one on the road, and this year, its mayhem with an average commute time of two hours each way.

My assumption is that less people are flying, and less people are taking time off this year. with Christmas falling on a Friday, people are just taking long weekends rather than the whole week off, which is creating massive traffic.

This will be my last post for this season. i'm taking advantage of my companies awesome work from home policy tomorrow, and will be off for Christmas.

On another note, I hope I get the new BMW X5 Turbo Diesel for Christmas this year (i wont) - I took a press fleet vehicle on tour through the California back road twisties and through the woods and mountains off-roading. The engine is a torquey monster,propelling me up hills of mud and getting me some pretty weird looks from the locals who aren't accustomed to seeing a $60K SUV on their trails with all-season tires. its a combination of ride height to body roll ratio i didn't think possible, combined with the smooth tiptronic gearbox and amazing AWD, to make this an amazing ride.

Happy Holidays!


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