Monday, December 28, 2009

lots of miles, one bad pothole

What a long weekend. Logged in probably close to 500 miles of driving this weekend visiting family and friends. Traffic wasn't that bad. I have to work most of this week, and I expect it to be light for the most part in the mornings, and a bit heavier on the way home. Holiday traffic patters are sometimes hard to call because of the amount of inexperienced drivers are on the road yield a larger percentage of accidents, which equal delays. but overall, its a lot lighter.

I am also sorry to report that i didn't get either the X5 or the 98 Suby Legacy GT 5 speed I asked for this Christmas.

Also, be on the lookout for a huge pothole that has opened up on the ramp from the Grand Central to Clearview. it's one of those thats barely noticeable until your on top of it, and next thing you know, you need a new rim.

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