Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toyota's Huge PR Fail

I have a few loves, and I have things I am not crazy about. I love PR and I love cars. I'm not crazy about the type of mommyblogger who has zero ethics, and really bad publicity ideas.

So this is a really good story, and this is from Jalopnik. (Link below)

Apparently, Toyota allegedly worked with a mommyblogger network to solicit positive stories about the brand with a $10 Amazon gift card.  Toyota says it was an ambitious mommyblogger network president, but something still stinks about it -why would she personally pay her network of bloggers to write positive stories about Toyota?  Apparently that FTC ruling on mommybloggers is having a lot of people questioning their ethics.

And what’s worse? That only one mommyblogger ( blew the whistle? I get no less than three emails a day from these sites with the 143 readers trying to get thousands of dollars of gear from me for a “giveaway" on their website.  I am floored that ten bucks would sway them.

But anyway, here’s the bottom line - Toyota, if its not obvious to you by now, you need some PR help, pretty badly. Call me.!5762479


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