Friday, March 5, 2010

Potholes and other roadblocks

The pothole situation is insane right now. I have been straddling obstructions like the Russian chick from Goldeneye every day on the road. At least once every 5 miles on all roads, I see someone pulled over with a flat tire due to potholes. I wont even take the upper level of the GW inbound right now because its so bad. The surface streets are even worse.

Its all because when the heavy rains and freezing temperatures mix, we get cracks that form and expand into potholes. combine this with drastically cut local budgets, we get roads that look like they were recently came under mortar attack that we will be lucky if they get fixed by Autumn.

But let me tell you why there hasnt been any posting. I have been really busy at my real job as a PR guy. I just got back from California, and I am shipping out to Vegas this weekend, and then to Austin for a week.

While i was in SoCal, they gave me a 2009 full size Suburban of all things to drive. the thing was a boat. i had to cut the turns wide, and had to make sure all of the kids were clear of the front of the vehicle before taking off anywhere. I also drove it clear across the greater LA area for a trip up to Valencia. I also learned on this trip that California drivers are a lot nicer than NY drivers. turn signals actually serve a purpose out here besides confusing fellow motorists.

Anyway, thats my rant for now. I'll be back in a week or so.

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