Monday, January 24, 2011

The CBX vs. a Sleeping Baby - Fight!

This weekend I had a true test of driving skill. It wasn't driving through the Pennsylvania blizzard, and it wasn't navigating through the black ice. No, it was by far the most difficult thing i have ever done -  try to keep a napping toddler from waking up while driving on the Cross Bronx.

This Saturday, I decided to do a little snowboarding out in Shawnee in PA, as anyone with a young child might know, its smart to plan road trips around nap time, lest you deal with a cranky toddler. So 30 minutes in the to the trip, he is out like a light, and i am just over the Throgs Neck on my way to the CBX. Then comes the first pothole. than a raised manhole cover. than a chunk of ice. next thing I know, I am playing Frogger in the left lane trying to avoid obstacles that stress the suspension of my poor wifes CR-V.


See, heres the thing -  I have traveled this road every day, twice for the last 4 years, and not once have a I realized how poor the road is. the rim benders are easy to avoid, but its the little ones you never notice.  Speaking of rim benders, there is a monster right before the Deegan heading South / West on the CBX in between the left and middle lanes. You cant even call it a pothole, its more like a fender eating sink hole.

But the end to the story is this. After a nerve racking 30 minutes of straddling as frequently as a Vegas stripper, we crossed the GWB. And as soon as we hit the smooth roadway of I80, the kid woke up.


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