Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Journey Begins...

The other day I looked at the “time stopped” function on my GPS. It was at 25 hours. This was an epiphany – All of a sudden, I realized that in the past few months since resetting it, I had literally wasted more than a day of my life at a dead stop in traffic.

I drive 107 miles to work every day from Long Island to Jersey. While I know some people might drive further, and some even have to fly to work, my route that takes me through two states, five counties, across the Cross Bronx (AKA, [the CBX] the worst road in America, according to AAA, one billion years running), three parkways, four toll plazas and over two major bridges. This is a testament to patience, endurance, and has led to an endless search of ways to fill my time and somehow make this journey less painful. Now I want to share my experiences and findings with my fellow motorists.

I am going to review cars, driving gadgets and talk about the interesting things I see on my commute, and share ways to ease the pain of commuting. I might dedicate some time to things that are helpful, things that piss me off, and things i see along the way.

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